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Are you worrying yourself sick dealing with stressful situations throughout the day? Are you restless, tired, or getting less than 8 hours of sleep every night? Are you dieting trying to lose weight? If so, you may suffer from elevated levels of a hormone called cortisol. A necessary compound for the restoration of depleted energy stores, cortisol is produced by your body in response to stressful events but too frequent release of cortisol can have negative health consequences that include persistent fatigue, poor cardiovascular health, challenged immune function, and weight gain.

Pharmanex’s Cortitrol™ Stress Control Formula is a unique dietary supplement that helps you cope with stress by modulating healthy levels of cortisol. Cortitrol™ Stress Control Formula combines natural ingredients that have been scientifically shown to have direct cortisol-balancing effects. Pharmanex’s proprietary formula also contains an all-natural theanine extract made from green tea leaves. Theanine increases brain alpha waves associated with “relaxed alertness” so you will sleep more soundly, respond to stress more calmly, and perform at your peak. Instead of worrying yourself sick, take Cortitrol™ Stress Control Formula.

Avie and Joan

We are very pleased that you have given us the opportunity to share a remarkable new nutritional product with you.  Cortitrol™ Stress Control Formula is getting unbelievably positive reaction from those of us who have included it in our daily nutrition regimen.

The beneficial results were noticeable the very first day we used it. We experienced a new level of calm and focus and judging from many of our friends and colleagues who are also using it, we seem to all be having the same great results.
 We suggest you try it and feel the difference it makes for you.

The Cortisol Connection - Shawn Talbott, PhD.

From Publishers Weekly
"Stress is killing us," warns Talbott, and "humans are not zebras": unlike the rest of the animal kingdom, our fight-or-flight reactions to physical and emotional disturbances can lead to prolonged, chronic stress and elevated
levels of cortisol. Over the long term, excessive amounts of this "primary stress hormone" can "kill your sex drive, shrink your brain, squelch your immune system, and generally make you feel terrible." While Talbott freely admits that nearly as many ways to cope with stress exist as events and situations that cause it, his recommended solution to alleviating tension and achieving balanced cortisol levels is the SENSE program. These five principles-Stress management, Exercise, Nutrition, Supplements and Evaluation-aren't necessarily groundbreaking, but they're undoubtedly sensible. Talbott is a nutritionist, and thus the book's coverage of vitamins, minerals and adaptogens (general anti-stress supplements) is especially comprehensive, and includes important recommendations for safety and dosage levels. With features including a "Stress Self-Test," daily food plans and a guide to additional stress management resources, the text is organized for both quick reference use as well as for readers, especially health care workers, interested in conducting a more detailed exploration.

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